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Breeding Program

Eye Appealing Real World Cattle that are Economically Relevant

Breeding Program

Ranching is a way of life, a good way of life that comes with great pride in what we do, as a result we strive to produce the kind of cattle that we are proud to have carrying the SITZ brand. "The Look" is important to us at SITZ Angus. We want our bulls to be stout made, wide based, loaded with muscle, have some body length, big testicles, and good footed. We want our females to have good udders, be deep bodied, broody, and feminine.


At SITZ Angus every breeding and management decision is based on the core principles of producing Seedstock genetically programmed to be profitable in every segment of the industry. These core principles instilled 95 years ago have been carried out along the way by 4 generations of SITZ Family.


SITZ Angus has earned the reputation of producing the kind of female that is Maternally Productive - fertile, raise a big calf, and do it trouble free year after year.


We expect this female to be able to produce in any environment, possessing enough body capacity and fleshing ability to be productive on limited resources.


SITZ Angus has earned the reputation of producing genetics that will excel downstream in the industry; throughout the Feeding Sector and on the Rail - rapid growth, desirable feed conversions, and carcass's that earns premiums not discounts.


This breeding philosophy requires discipline and a balanced trait approach. SITZ Angus is utilizing genetics that perform well across numerous traits, and avoiding the popular genetics that excel in a single trait at the expense of other traits.

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